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Our Consulting Services

From a grassroots approach, Lutunji applies her life learned lessons to the guidance of young parents and families that she comes in contact with. It is Lutunji’s hope and goal to help empower young parents so that they too can succeed and overcome the many obstacles thrown their way in life.

Currently, Voices of Effective Change, Inc. has partnership services with The City of Minneapolis’ Health and ReCast departments, Minnesota Comeback, the historic Calvary Baptist Church and Better Futures. Partnerships include; Human Resources assistance, marketing, group facilitation, curriculum design and parent and community engagement. 

Past partners include; Goodwill Easter Seals, Inc., Urban Strategies, Inc. and Oasis of Love, Inc. Oak Park Community Center-Pillsbury United Communities, Phyllis Wheatley Community Center, PICA Head Start, Thrive Youth Services and Emerge.


To engage Lutuniji Abram's consulting services please email:


Voices of Effective Change Mission:


To send the effective voice to the masses, stand with young parents and their parents using the tools of personal empowerment and community development.

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